Why do you need a website?
  • 365/24/7 Advertising of your business
  • Accessible via smartphone or computer
  • Keeping your customers informed of products / services
  • Enables you to target a wider market (ie: other provinces / countries)
  • Showcase all your products / projects / services
  • Helps to improve customer service
Whats the processes involved?
  1. Tell me about what you need on your website.  Your domain that you would like to register or transfer.  The maintenance, hosting and marketing that you require.
  2. After receiving all the information, photos, details, etc from you – I will put it all together to form your desired website.
  3. After intensive testing on the whole website to make sure that it works 100% – I will send you the test website address in order for you to test and advice of any changes needed.
  4. Once you are completely happy, I will then upload your website to your domain for the world to see.
How long does it take?
A basic one page website can take approximately 3 days if you have given me all the content needed for the website.  Time frame is best worked out after discussing your website needs.  It varies per project as some websites are more complex than others. (Content supplied by the customers are often the biggest hold up)
What is the costs involved?

Costs will vary according to your website needs.  Extra’s like complex forms, memberships, forums, online bookings, payment gateways will add on to the price of the website.  You can complete the quote request and I will be able to give you a better price estimate.

What do I need from you?
  • All the content (text) for the website ie: about us.
  • All the images that relates to your business (high resolution if possible).  I am able to source some of the images if needs be.
  • Your business logo in high resolution quality.  If you do not have one I can help with the design of one.
  • Your domain name.  If you do not have one yet I can assist with the registration of one.
  • If you already have a hosting service I will need the details to be able to upload and maintain your website.  If you do not have hosting I can provide hosting for your website and emails.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?
All of my websites comes with a basic SEO setup.  I build them so that they will pass the search engine checks for indexing.

I can do all the hard work of getting all the SEO done, but there is a lot that happens after your website is up and running that will help reap the benefits of the SEO.

What will the ongoing costs be?
All websites needs attention at least once a week and unfortunately they can’t look after themselves.

My monthly fees (Can be paid upfront for a year at a discount) depend on the size of the website and if there are any extras, but include:

  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Backups
  • Updates
  • Security

Domain renewals is an annual cost.

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